My Art
The artist looking trhough the latticed opening - sandcast in pewter
A confessional made of recycle doors and wood, with sandcast pewter details. On the confessional, the sins of our local politicians have been made public.
The sandcast latticed opening for the penitents to speak through.



From the slumber of the societal norms and earthly laws that hold us in shackles, we will ignite your soul with our fire and rebellion.

This exhibition was inspired by the current politics in my hometown, the city of Tongeren, which is forced to fuse with the city of Borgloon in 2025. A forced marriage. I found the inspiration for the title in the book of Kahlil Gibran: Spirits Rebellious, which was a clarion call for freedom in his homeland Lebanon - for individuals and society. Gibran's bitter denunciation of religious and political injustice, a book so powerful, it was burned in Beirut at the time of publication. A friend in India gifted me the complete works of Khalil Gibran in February 2022.
I decided there would be a bride (the countess of Borgloon) and a groom (Ambiorix, the Gallo-Roman hero of Tongeren) - made by Guy from mannequin dolls. I made smaller objects in pewter and porcelain. To start with the bridal chest filled with my own currency. And one big one: a confessional on which I wrote the sinds our politicians should confess.


"Oh Samuel", is inspired by this religious statue on the church in the beguinage here in Tongeren. The inscription reads: "Aenschouw o sondaer die ghij sijt wat Christus voor uw boosheit lijdt." Now it's:
"Behold oh sinner, you are the reason Samuel suffers from your wrath."

It's about the Master (snake & virus) who rules, threatenes, discriminates. Samuel lost his job because he speaks up against the Master.
The people that follow the Master are the sinners, they are obedient and submissive. They do not value freedom.
Samuel wants to lead with justice and fairness, away from the Master.
The heart has fissures that are bleeding, and it is crucified. The poem I made is from Bible verses

Made from porcelain (my own plaster mould), sandcast pewter, pewter details, red colour is oil paint. Displayed on recycled velvet in a recycled frame.

Behold oh sinner, you are the reason Samuel suffers from your wrath.
Oh, Samuel, must thou flee?
Oh, Samuel, whence camest thou? And whither wilt thou go?

And he said: I flee from the face of the Master. Oh, let me escape thither and my soul shall live.

The sinner said: Return to the Master and submit to authority.

And Samuel said: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Justice and judgment are the habitation of my throne: mercy and truth shall go before my face."

We shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.
Oh, Samuel, peace be with you, fear not.

Oh Samuel

Fuck Love series 2020-2021

Jack & Claire

My heart
Is it free or is it caged?
Is it brittle or is it strong?
Is it broken or is it golden?
My heart
Shattered in a 1000 pieces.
Golden memories run slowly through deep scars.
The whiteness, so brittle, it might shatter again.
My heart is caged.
Only with true love, will it be free.
Oh heart, be patient!
يا قلب، تحلى بالصبر.

The end of a story.
Keep in touch.

Alex Chlamydex

A poem for you

Alex, Alex

You wanted sex

You gave me chlamydex


With your heavenly kisses
Head in the clouds
A fast fantasy
Lust- lust - lust
Romantic whispers
I want it all and I want it now
Ex expectations
Her happy joyful pictures
But not with you
Suddenly my heart said yes
Suddenly I felt high
So strange... you said
I desired you
But now I'm cold
A knife in my heart
Too late
It just freed me from a fool

Iddo Diddle Dee

You're an art project now

Better not tell you dated me


Older art work

Unfurling Glory of the Soul


Hands strangling a heart, a butterfly landing on a copper cloud, symbol of metamorphosis, resurrection

Unfurling Glory of the Soul



Light among the Ruins


In remembrance of the Great War, and any other war

C'est Maman


Detail of a Picasso inspired work. Drawing made by my then 3 year old daughter

Commission pewter cross


Made to measure sandcast pewter cross