Pottery Studio Bryanston

Last July I stayed in Johannesburg for a month, escaping a dreary Belgian summer, enjoying the Joburg winter (cold nights, warm & sunny days). I chose to do a pottery course, something I had always wanted to do. And by chance, I ended up in probably the best pottery studio in Johannesburg: The Pottery Studio run by Colleen Lehmkuhl. I was lucky to have Michelle Legg as a teacher. They are both very talented women with lots of awards…

I had in initiation in throwing on the wheel, which I enjoyed very much.


The excitement of seeing the first glazed & fired pot


 I experimented with glazes that run in the kiln


And oxides on white glaze


But also just plain simple slip and clear glaze



I imprinted a pretty lace in paper clay, and stained it with cobalt oxide


But one of my favourites is this bowl with iron oxide



I can only recommend Michelle and Colleen as teachers! They are a great inspiration. Thanks!


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